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Family owned and operated in Berkeley California, all five of Jorge Saldana’s senses can still evoke his mother’s cooking, He believes that fresh and clean food is the best food, and the best food not only tastes good, but has the power to make you feel good. His passion for authentic Mexican cooking made with fresh and local ingredients has been at the center of his farm-to-table philosophy since the beginning.

In 2011, Jorge created Sabor Mexicano Foods in response to his customers continued requests to make his signature fresh salsas and home made tortilla chips available in local stores. Each new product starts in Jorge’s own kitchen in Sonoma County, meeting first the standards of his own palate, it’s then presented to the Sabor Mexicano family for approval, and if it passes their test, then a part of the Sabor Mexicano Foods product line it will become. 
 As Sabor Mexicano continues to grow, Jorge strives to reach new communities to offer the delight of authentic, simple, fresh, flavorful and healthy Mexican food. Ever true to his mission, he finds true joy in sharing food he knows is not only delicious, but that cares for its consumer the way it cares for the environment.



Our Home made products are thoughtfully made from scratch to perfection using recipes and practices passed down from generations. Made through traditional and simple processes using simple ingredients, the outcome? Mexican products made with love and full of flavor.


— JOY —


At home it’s all about food and for me, passing on this philosophy to others is very joyful, for me that’s what it is. Food is joy.

-Jorge Saldana, Founder, Chef & Owner of Sabor Mexicano Foods.



We believe food can be done in a way that is to our benefit, it should be healthy for us. Just because it hasn’t been done, that doesn’t mean we cannot do it. Using simple and non GMO ingredients.. that will taste good, food should be simple.




To create simple, authentic healthy and flavorful Mexican food the same way you do at home, with the freshest ingredients from our farm or from farmers who we know by name.


Passion for wholesome Food
Passion for wholesome Service
Passion for wholesome People
Passion for wholesome Suppliers
Passion for a wholesome Planet


Sabor Mexicano envisions a world where authentic, simple, healthy and flavorful Mexican food is the standard rather then the exception in every community around the world.


Sabor Mexicano Inc.
Berkeley, CA 94704

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