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Guacamole is the world’s most perfect food. Yep, we said it. Now get yourself another bag of Home Made tortilla chips—you’re going to need it after this recipe.

It takes a while for the avocado to absorb all the ingredients you add to it. So if you ever find yourself wondering if your guac is spicy (or salty, or lime-y) enough, wait a few minutes before you add more so that you don’t accidentally overseason it.


Chop avocados with a knife in a medium bowl or in a molcajete,  until very coarsely mashed. Mix in tomato, chile, smashed garlic, lime juice, salt, and freshly chopped cilantro.
Taste and add more lime juice, if desired. Serve with your favorite Home Made chips alongside.


Chilaquiles is a very typical breakfast dish and we love it, we suggest using Home Made Thick tortilla chips and our Verde or Casera Home Made Salsa for the preparation.


Heat some olive oil and add 2 servings per person of our Home Made tortilla chips, add desired amount of salsa and gently stir them together making sure they are well coated.

Serve in a plate and add black beans or pinto beans on top, throw in some chopped onion and a serving of Cotija cheese.

Fry eggs in olive oil, place them on top of chilaquiles, garnish with a hint of Cilantro to expand flavor.



This Sangria recipe is so good, you might want to make an extra batch for later. Especial for gatherings and celebrations.


4 Bottles of Tempranillo Wine
1 Bottle of Sparkling Wine
3 Cups of Concentrated Lemon Juice
3 Cups Orange Juice
3 Cups of Maple Syrup
2 Cinnamon Sticks
4 Apples
1 Bottle of Topo Chico

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