Simple & Tasty ingredients.

Home Made tastes good.

home made

Made to perfection using the right ingredients with recipes passed down from generations, our Home Made products are non GMO, very tasty and only using simple ingredients. Discover our Home Made tortilla chips, Home Made Mexican Street Style Kettle Papitas and our delicious Home Made Salsas, all made by hand using authentic processes, only sourcing ingredients from farmers we know by name.

The outcome? tasty food and full of flavor, something everyone has been missing and yet, very simple to do.

tortilla chips

Our naturally gluten free Home Made tortilla chips are thoughtfully made from scratch to perfection using recipes and practices passed down from our ancestors.

Through a traditional Nixtamalization process, a very authentic and old way of making tortillas, starting  with the whole corn being cooked overnight with limestone, we let it seat and then washed, ground with volcanic stones  and adjusted by hand to get to our desired texture, we finally make tortillas and fry them into chips. Additionally our Home Made Tortilla Chips are minimally processed, have no preservatives added and only using simple and certified non-GMO ingredients.

The outcome?
Our mouthwatering chips are guilt-free and full of flavor, delicious enough to eat alone and perfect with any of our homemade salsas, chilaquiles and nachos.

If you think tortilla chips can’t get any better, give these a try!


Made with all-natural and certified non GMO ingredients from our fresh lime stone, sea-salt and whole corn to our sunflower oil.These mouthwatering chips make a great snack on their own.

blue corn

Made with all-natural and certified non GMO ingredients from our fresh lime, sunflower oil and sea-salt, our mouthwatering chips are made with Organic Blue Corn known to have more antioxidants than yellow corn.


Made with all-natural and certified non GMO ingredients from our fresh lime, sea-salt and corn to sunflower oil, these mouthwatering chips are our version of traditional restaurant-style chips. Made with thicker tortillas which lend a little extra flavor along with their size.


Salt-free yet full of flavor, our unsalted corn gluten free tortilla chips are made with certified non GMO whole corn and sunflower oil, a splash of fresh lime and lots of love and practice.


Used in Mexican cooking for centuries, a dash of chipotle pepper lends just the right kick to our chip creation. Fried to perfection using certified non GMO sunflower oil, these mouthwatering chips are a delicious snack on their own or paired with any food or salsa.

non gmo
kettle papitas mexican street style potato chips

Our Mexican Street Style Potato chips, or “Papitas” as we call them in Mexico, are an authentic Mexican Snack that you will find anywhere in Mexico from restaurants to farmers market to practically every corner store.
We use the whole skin to maximize the whole Papitas flavor. We finely slice our Papitas using non GMO potatoes that are hand selected for flavor and quality, creating a perfect bite size potato chip. To reduce the amount of oil we cook them quickly at a very high temperature and all in small batches, this in result make our Homemade Papitas tastier and more crispy.

All natural ingredients, Non-GMO, Gluten Free and Vegan, made with sustainability and love in mind.

chile lime

Very well balanced in flavor, we wanted to use two very common ingredients in México, chile and lime, well balanced and combined to perfection , using only non GMO ingredients with no artificial flavors, our Chile Lime seasoning together with our Potatoes make it difficult to not want to eat more.

purple heirloom

One of our favorite potatoes that our family enjoys cooking with is the Purple Heirloom potato. Our Purple Heirloom potatoes, are thinly sliced, fried in expeller pressed sunflower oil and finally slightly salted making it a unique and very tasty snack..


Made with all-natural and certified non GMO ingredients from our potatoes, sea salt and expeller pressed sunflower oil. These crunchy and delicious papitas make a great snack on their own.

non gmo
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