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Seasoned to perfection with our very own sea-salt hand-harvested in the clear blue waters of Colima, Mexico, our authentic Mexican products are made with non-GMO fruits, vegetables and herbs from our farm in Northern California. Discover our fresh salsas, homemade corn tortilla chips and so much more, made by hand, with love, and the magic of seasonal, locally grown, pure ingredients.


Verde Mild Salsa

Grilled tomatillos, grilled jalapeño peppers and sea salt

This smooth and versatile salsa is Sabor Mexicano’s signature companion to every dish. Roasted green tomatillos and our sea salt come together with a hint of roasted jalapeño pepper and citrus to bring out the flavors of whatever you choose to pair it with. The adventurous to the mild palette will love its fresh flavor.

Roasted Pumpkin Seed Medium Salsa

Grilled tomatoes, roasted pumpkin seeds, puya peppers and sea salt

This earthy salsa takes the complex rich flavors of Mexican cuisine with its roasted tomatoes, puya peppers, salt, and adds roasted pumpkin seeds to its profile. It’s nutty, warm, and addictive flavor will add a delicious twist to any meal. This Salsas for any palette that likes toe entertained.

Casera Mild Salsa

Grilled tomatoes, jalapeño peppers and sea salt

This salsa has everyone coming back for more. The traces of smokiness combined with the roasted tomatoes, jalapeño peppers and sea salt brings a naturally welcome warmth to any meal. It is a natural companion any dish, as well as any palette.

Tradicional Hot Salsa

Grilled tomatoes, puya pepper and sea salt

A classic salsa that reminds us of a home cooked meal, Its timeless ingredients: roasted tomatoes, puya peppers and sea salt, are married with touches of citrus and a distinct passion of flavor. It will compliment any dish with its easygoing flavors and freshness. This salsa is a staple for any palette.

Chipotle Mild Salsa

Grilled tomatoes, chipotle peppers and sea salt

With its fresh and simple ingredients, this mild and smoky salsa is Sabor Mexicano’s sweetheart. Locally grown tomatoes, roasted chipotle peppers and sea salt are combined to create a perfect balance of savory flavors that complement any dish and please any palette. This salsa is a family favorite, parents and kids always reach for more at every meal!

Infierno Extra Hot Salsa

Grilled tomatoes, habanero pepper and sea salt

This spirited salsa is not for the faint of heart. If you love a little spice in your life, then you will be putting this roasted tomatoes, habanero peppers and sea salt on all your favorite dishes. This salsa is definitely for the thrill-seeking palette.


Our gluten free homemade style tortilla corn chips are made from scratch to perfection using our traditional family recipe passed down for generations. Made with all-natural and certified non GMO ingredients from our corn to sunflower oil. Seasoned with our very own sea salt hand-harvested in the deep blue waters of the Sea of Cortez in Mexico, these mouthwatering chips are guilt-free and full of flavor.

Blue Corn Chips

Made with all-natural and certified non GMO ingredients from our fresh lime, sunflower oil and sea-salt, our mouthwatering blue corn chips are made with organic blue corn known to have more antioxidants than yellow corn.

Chipotle Corn Chips

Used in Mexican cooking for centuries, a dash of chipotle pepper lends just the right kick to our latest chip creation. Fried to perfection using certified non GMO sunflower oil, these mouthwatering chips are a delicious snack on their own or paired with any of our salsas.

Original Corn Chips

Made with all-natural and certified non GMO ingredients from our fresh lime, sea-salt and corn to sunflower oil.These mouthwatering chips make a great snack on their own.

Unsalted Corn Chips

Salt-free yet full of flavor, our unsalted corn gluten free tortilla chips are made with certified non GMO whole corn and sunflower oil, a splash of fresh lime and lots of love and practice.

Thick Corn Chips

Made with all-natural and certified non GMO ingredients from our fresh lime, sea-salt and corn to sunflower oil, these mouthwatering chips are our version of traditional restaurant-style chips. Made with thicker tortillas which lend a little extra flavor along with their size, we think bigger can be better.

From Our Land to Your Living Room

Sold in stores all over California, our authentic Mexican products contain generations of family recipes, made with fresh, simple, and locally grown, all-natural fruits, vegetables and herbs.





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